I'm Clyne, founder, and producer of bean Chocolate. I started the business April 2017 as I couldn't find chocolate free from preservatives and unnatural ingredients that tasted delicious. So I set about making my own, from scratch. A self-trained chocolate maker, I only use three to four key ingredients in all of beans chocolate bars. Nothing else.

Do you ever scan the labels on the back of food products - curious about the vast ingredients included in pre-packaged treats? Yes, me too. I'm wise to marketing spin given to promote 'healthy' foods.

Now, chocolate is and always will be a sweet treat, I noticed a trend, even the chocolate brands promising to be better for you included refined, sugars, soya lecithin, palm oil and general nasties. We removed these. 

Working from a small kitchen in East London, we proudly produce all chocolate bars by hand. We make, we wrap, we pack, and we ship. It's a great job.

I am exceptionally proud of our chocolate. Give us a try, you won't regret it.